Short-Run Silk Screen Printing
on Tubes, Jars and Glass Bottles

Boston Round Glass Tincture 30ml oil bottleWho needs short run small quantity direct Silk Screen Printing? With so many start-ups in the private label skincare and cannabis industry, testing new products and refining your brand is a process.  We make it easy to start with small quantities and scale as your business grows.

Blue Line Labels is a superior silk screen printer specializing in small to large orders decorating glass, plastic bottles, jars and tubes for our customers. Small run silk screen printing is a craft and we have perfected it.

Silk screen printing produces an elegant look that goes perfect with a minimalistic design. Keep it simple when designing your packaging and we will bring a smile to you when you see your finished product. Blue Line Labels can help you with all your printing and filling needs. Call 954-969-9500 for more information.

Review our price list below, shipping takes 2-4 weeks
from artwork approval based on time of year.


1 Color UV Silk Screen
Printing on most Plastics*

Bottles, Jars, Tubes and Caps

1-250 for $350 + $95 set up
300 for $375 ($1.25 each) + $95 set up
400 for $384 ($0.96 each) + $95 set up
500 for $395 ($0.79 each) + $95 set up
750 for $465 ($0.62 each) + $95 set up
1000 $550 ($0.55 each) + $95 set up
*Additional charge for pretreatment
of polypropylene plastic (PP)
Call for prices over 1000 units
Prices are based on 1 design.
No Combo Runs.


Set-Up charge Includes: Film positive(s), burning/exposure of mesh screens, container’s
to be unpacked, printed from many standard ink colors, and repacked in same box.
*Glass and Polypropylene (PP) will incur additional pre-treatment costs.
Set-up fees do not include art or design changes.


Screen-Printing2 Color UV Silk Screen
Printing on most Plastics*

Bottles, Jars, Tubes and Caps

1-250 for $650 + $125 set up
300 for $675 ($2.25 each) + $125 set up
400 for $688 ($1.72 each)+ $125 set up
500 for $695 ($1.39 each)+ $125 set up
750 for $795 ($1.06 each)+ $125 set up
1000 $840 ($0.84 each)+ $125 set up
*Additional charge for pretreatment
of polypropylene plastic (PP)
Call for prices over 1000 units
Prices are based on 1 design.
No Combo Runs.


Full Color Digital Tube Printing
Just installed in 2019, our New Digital Press! 

Print 1 color or up to 5 colors for the same price. 

Digital Printed Tubes in Full Color

Make Your Life Easy!
Printed in 
FULL Color
Tubes Included in Price.
 Choice of: 1/4 oz, 1 oz or 2 oz

200-399 tubes+printing for $2.50 each + $95 set up
400-499 tubes+printing for $2.25 + $95 set up
500-749 tubes+printing for $2.00 each + $95 set up
750-999 tubes+printing for $1.75 each + $95 set up
1000 tubes+printing $1.50 each + $95 set up

The one-time $95 set up charge is to digitize art files
(convert pictures and text) into a digital format for crisp and clean results.

Ask Blue Line Labels for help with
Filling, Crimping, Sealing of your Tubes. 

+ adding a Lot and Expiration Number

Call Blue Line Labels at 954-969-9500
for prices on quantities of 1000+ or 3, 4, 6 or 8oz Tubes.

Blue Line Labels carries white multi-ply tubes in stock.
1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 oz

Digital Print Your Airless Bottles

Full Color Printing on Airless Bottles
Full Color Printing on Airless Bottles


Important things to consider before purchasing your bottles, tubes and jars.
To avoid delays with your printing, send a sample of each container to Blue Line Labels before you make your final purchase so we can test the ink on the plastic to verify virgin material.

Every tube, bottle and jar has a story and we can help you avoid many unforeseen issues and deliver a beautifully decorated result. You may not be aware when buying a sprayed and painted glass if it will scratch. Surplus or slightly defective containers sometimes are not all from the same lot and vary in size, plastic containers may not be made from virgin material and could scratch or fall off. Sending us a sample is the best way to evaluate the proper ink/process needed and will result in success. Our goal is the same as yours, we want to deliver beautifully decorated labels, jars, bottles, squeezable tubes and custom boxes.

Keep your design simple! Screen printing
is made for an elegant and minimalistic look.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

2 Color Silk Screen Printing
2 Color Silk Screen Printing


Here are the Steps to a Fast Turnaround and Great Experience with Blue Line Labels.

We work closely with APC Packaging who supplies excellent quality glass and plastic bottles, tubes and jars for silk screen printing. Look at their available in-stock items and contact Nikita Byfield or Orlando Bonnelly at APC Packaging (954) 978-4567 to order samples.

Blue Line Labels picks up at APC Packaging daily at no charge or ship your packaging directly from another company to Blue Line Labels • 1931 Banks Road, Margate, Florida 33063 • Attn: (Your Company Name).

Email your artwork to and make sure you include your fonts outlined and send an Ai, eps or PDF file. You can also speak to Devin, Wendie, Patrick or Art and they can help from start to finish or anywhere in between to prepare your art files for screen print. We charge $55 per hour and our creative team is fast, efficient and will do it correctly.

Important that your designer does not use thin small lines in your design or thin type styles less than 5 points in size. This causes a potential problem of the lines not printing correctly. We will do our best to advise but every bottle, tube and jar are made different from different manufacturers. Be careful, not all packaging is made from virgin materials and packed correctly for shipment. Once all artwork is approved, we will ship your printed order in 3 weeks or less. Faster service is available if needed.

We will send you a credit card authorization form for payment. Email us your shipping information including company name, contact person and phone number.

Email us your FedEx Account# for small order shipments. We ship FedEx Ground using your account number. Larger orders on a pallet, you can make arrangements with www.FreightQuote.comor any any carrier of your choice. When your job is complete we will give you the weight and dimensions to schedule a pick-up. Do you need custom printed folding boxes, product labels, design or photography, we can help.
Blue Line Labels is a full service one-stop company that can help you in every aspects of your packaging needs at affordable prices and attention to details. Cal Bill Berg or Devin Callaway to find out more information at (954) 969-9500. We work with many start ups and large companies and guarantee a smooth and happy experience with our services!

Silk Screen Printing on Glass

Screen Printing on Glass for CBD Cosmetics

We print with a special epoxy ink on glass. It is harder to work with and curing time is a longer process. Most glass comes from overseas and a coat of silicon is added to prevent glass breakage during transportation.

We need to take off the oils and silicon coating to clean glass and plastic polypropylene containers. It is necessary to flame all glass and polypropylene plastic with an intense flame quickly, to kill off impurities. This is necessary for the ink to stay stuck and cure.

Flaming is an additional step that requires a flat charge of $50 for small quantities if we are printing on glass or polypropylene.

Guidelines When Sending Art Files for Silk Screen Printing

When submitting artwork for screen printing, please send the original file in vector format (either .ai or .eps). If you cannot send .ai or .eps, we can recreate your artwork for an additional charge.
Please also indicate the PMS color if we are printing anything other than black or white. If you are doing more than one color, it cannot be tight registration. For instance, your logo can be one color and the text another; however, you cannot have half of a word in one color and the other half in another color.

Examples of Elegant Silk Screen Printing

Call for great pricing on larger screen printing orders of 2000, 3000, 5000 or more.


Saving Money on Surplus Bottles and Jars Can Cost You More
APC Packaging is our Preferred Packaging Company

All of APC bottles, jars and tubes are excellent quality for printing and come professionally packed with partitions that help protect the outer surface from scuffs and scratches. After we screen print your packaging we repack each unit back in APC boxes using there dividers to avoid damage. When purchasing your containers from other companies be sure to ask how they come packed. If we received them in a big bag stuffed in a box or wrapped in shrink film, there will be an additional charge for packing materials.

Please ask how your containers are packed.
Containers get scratched when just
tossed in a plastic bag, then placed in a box and shipped to us.

Glass Bottles Wrapped Bad

If your bottles come like the photos above, we will repack
your printed containers and ship in a
fresh box below properly for $19 per box.


apc-packagingBlue Line Labels works closely with APC Packaging.

APC carries a full line of in-stock, quality cosmetic containers that are packed professionally. Not tossed in plastic bags with no dividers. We make it really simple.

Order your bottles, jars and tubes directly from APC and Blue Line Labels will pick them up at No Charge, screen print your order and ship to you or your lab.

We recommend you call APC Packaging and purchase your cosmetic containers directly from them. APC has a full line of quality in-stock tubes, bottles and jars at a great value. Need samples or have questions?

Call APC at 954-978-4567 and ask for
Orlando Bonnelly or Nikita Byfield
to help you with samples or questions.


APC Logo
Quick Links to find each category at APC Packaging
Airless Bottles
Glass Dropper Bottles
Squeezable Tubes

Cap and Bottle Closures

All of APC containers are packed with protective dividers, double boxed
and individually bagged for the protection of every cosmetic container.
Click to see APC’s In-Stock Packaging
Call Orlando Bonnelly at 954-978-4567
or Nikita Byfield at 954-978-4567.

APC Cosmetic PackagingAPC Packaging has low minimums and high quality in-stock products at a great value. Being a 10 minute drive from Blue Line Labels, our trucks pick up from APC multiple times a week. Whether it is your boxes or pallets of glass and/or plastic packaging at No Additional Charge. Saving you expensive freight costs and time.

Once you made your purchase from APC Packaging ask your sales rep to add Blue Line Labels as the company picking up your pallet(s), You can also ask for Free samples before you make your purchase to be left at the front desk of APC so Blue Line can email your designer the correct die line template needed for your graphic artist to drop in your artwork and logo.

Quick Links to find each category at APC Packaging
Acrylic Airless Bottles
Glass Boston Round Bottles
White Multi-Ply Tubes

Silver and Gold Caps and Sprayers


How an Airless Bottle Works
Airless bottles have a piston-driven mechanism that allows for airless dispensing of your product. Pressing down on the pump raises the piston placed at the bottom of the bottle and dispensing the product. This seal of the mechanism prevents contamination and provides protection for sensitive and active ingredients vulnerable to oxygen. The bottles are top-filled without any special equipment required.
Acrylic, Aluminum, Double Walled Glass Jars
Give your product a sophisticated look with quality acrylic jars. Jars have a great canvas for silkscreen printing, hot stamping and labeling. Common usage for acrylic jars are for high quality moisturizers, scrubs, exfoliants, gels and creams.

You can also send your containers
directly from any supplier you choose to:
Blue Line Labels
1929-1931 Banks Road • Margate, FL 33063


Blue Line Labels is A One-Stop Cosmetic Printing Company offering…
1. Direct Silk Screen Printing on Glass, Tubes, Jars and Bottles.
2. Quality Printed Cosmetic Boxes that match very close to all other printing.
3. Custom Cosmetic Labels and if needed Label Application on your containers.
4. Full Art Department to correctly prep your files for all your printing needs.
5. Full Commercial Quality Photography for your web site, brochures and catalogs.
6. Large Selection of Bottles, Jars and Tubes In-Stock by APC Packaging. APC is 10 minutes from our printing company and we pick up for you at no charge.

We are a one-stop printing company that takes the stress away from your working with 3-7 different suppliers. Call with any questions at 1-800-609-7079. Over 25+ years of visual product design and printing experience.


Cosmetic Labels
We can help design, print, apply and ship your labeled bottles and jars quickly so you are ready to fill and sell your products.

Cosmetic Boxes
Add value with a custom presentation box. Our straight or popular reverse tuck product boxes are printed up to 6 colors on 16, 18 or 24 point stock. Order as little as 100 superior custom printed folding boxes.

Tamper Evident Full Body Sleeves
Need to add a crystal clear tamper evident shrink sleeve, with or without perforation, printed or clear. Available as individual bands or on a roll for machine application. A very inexpensive way to protect the contents of your product and avoid contamination. Optional 1-9 color printed shrink bands are also available.

Call Blue Line Labels at 1-800-609-7079 for a quote or any questions.