You only have a split second to make a first impression. Your decorative design—with quality silk screen printing on your bottle, jar, or tube—will make the difference in conveying your message effectively, selling your product, or never being seen. Assisting you in your effort to be proud and confident of your final printed product line is the service Blue Line Labels offers to you.

Blue Line Labels will assist with any or all aspects of your printing and co-packing needs.
Pad Printing – We print on irregularly shaped containers, bottles, and jars with one and two colors.
Silk Screen Printing – We print on most plastics and glass containers with one and two colors.
Digital Color Printing – We print on most plastic and glass containers in full color using digital four-color processes.
Custom Product Boxes – We print and design at your request, quality affordable custom boxes with foil, embossing, and soft touch lamination.
Special Foil Labels – We print beautiful reflective foil layers with soft touch or gloss protective lamination to make them damage resistant. Call for samples.
Label Application – Let Blue Line Labels apply your labels in an efficient, consistent, and cost-effective manner.
Pouches – Stand-Up and Lay-Flat pouches with zip lock closures, hang holes, and tear notches are available in many different materials. Let us assist you in selecting cost-effective designs for your pouches.
Flexible Film Sample Sachets – Metalized Film with protective barriers are heat-sealed on four sides to enclose one-time-use samples of creams, lotions, or to hold up to two capsules.
Flexible Stick Packs – Metalized Film with protective barriers that may be configured to produce Stick Packs, 3-gram to 30-gram single-use packs used mostly as packs for drink powders used to add flavors to your favorite waters and juices.
Tube Filling – Complete filling of creams, oils, lotions, serums, and liquids.
Tube Turn Key Solution – We supply, print, and fill all size tubes. Call for quotes to fill 1000+ of ¼-oz. to 40-oz. tubes.

Call Blue Line Labels at 954-969-9500 for more information.

There are many savings opportunities when creating decorative cosmetic and cannabis packaging. Let Blue Line Labels provide out-of-the-box thinking and great pricing on direct silk screen bottle printing, custom cosmetic folding boxes, waterproof cosmetic foil labels, brochures and catalogs by a full service design team to assist you in presenting your products. We are the one-stop cosmetic printing for all of your needs!

Satisfied customers and completing the job correctly the first time has always been our focus. Let our experience assist with the visual communication and branding message of your company. Our creativity is where we excel and our prices are consistently better values than those of less-capable competitors.

Blue Line Labels has 30 years of print, design, web capability, and packaging experience.

Understanding Printing Processes & Which Is Best For You?Most cosmetic labels are printed on waterproof film for durability rather than on paper. Additional protection of gloss or matte laminates is then applied and the products are then ready for presentation. Typically, laboratories will charge to apply labels or, alternately, send the labels to the customer to apply, until the customer realizes, “This Is Crazy!” Cosmetic Labels are complex to apply due to the taper and concave and convex shapes of jars and bottles. We can take the headache out of applying labels to most of your jars and bottles. It is always a good policy to send samples of your jar, bottle, or tube to printers, graphic artists, and laboratories. And always ask for a technical drawing of each container you are purchasing.

Direct silk screen printing or painting bottles gives a clean and sophisticated appearance by printing directly onto bottles, jars, and tubes. Benefits are a no-label appearance, plus you save an extra step—and the extra cost—of applying labels. Screen printing is usually a one-color or two-color process. In many instances the cost of purchasing labels and separately applying the labels is equal to, or greater than, the cost of exceptionally attractive screen-printed products. Learn more about how these printing options differ and what works best for your budget. Call Bill Berg with any questions at 561-901-1898.
Screen Printing Price List

Cosmetic boxes set your products apart. We are helping an ever-increasing number of customers with custom printed boxes. Soft touch, suede, and high-gloss are top coatings that really enhance the feel of each cosmetic box. Learn more about our low minimums and cost-saving options. If you have multiple items that require boxes, we can print two to eight different boxes at a time at a cost similar to that of printing one box. Cosmetic Box Price List


CBD Labels for Cosmetics

Custom Cosmetic Labels

Digital and flexographic labels are an inexpensive way to draw attention to your message, company, or product. We carry crystal clear “no look” pressure sensitive films, holographic films, waterproof labels, and protective laminates for a beautiful look. Labels come with the additional complexity of affixing them to products. Blue Line Labels applies labels to containers at cost-effective pricing. Eighty percent of all the labels we produce are printed on foil. Let us produce a “WOW!” with a touch of elegant foil on our soft touch label film.

Do you need a label with extended durability, an elegant appearance, and one that creates emotion and conveys protection? We will design what you need and demonstrate the value by showing cost-effective alternatives for your labels.

Our goal is simple, to provide affordable options using a variety of papers, films, adhesives and laminates. Consistently, our prices are less than what you are currently paying for labels. Let Blue Line Labels quote your next label project. Call us at 1-800-609-7079.

Shrink Sleeves, Tamper Evident Neck Bands & Sachets

Shrink Sleeve packaging is fast becoming one of the leading options for its eye-catching designs. Shrink Sleeves are available in many configurations and tamper-evident safety functions.

Full color graphics wrap completely around your container. Protective sleeve film is printed on the inside, which renders labels scuff- and water-resistant. This printing method is not limited to large companies and huge orders. We have low minimums of 500 digitally printed sleeves. Please call us for a quote.

Screen Printing for The Cosmetic Industry

The perception of sophistication is what screen printing will give your containers. Screen printing is preferred by high-end cosmetic suppliers for a simple, elegant look.

Decorative screen printing has fewer steps than applying labels and has a cleaner look, giving your product an edge over similar brands. Direct screen-printed inks produce permanent finishes that will not scratch or fade and will produce superior clarity for even the smallest text. Affordable screen printing will provide a luxury look on airless pumps, squeezable tubes, glass or acrylic jars and many other cosmetic containers.

We can help with the entire process from container selection, design, direct screen printing, printing custom boxes, and supplying heat-sealed tamper-evident shrink bands.We are here from concept to completion and everywhere in between. Blue Line Labels is your one stop where we remove the stress of labeling projects for companies large and small.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom printed cosmetic boxes for your creams lotions, scrubs, and foamers help complete your products when they are sitting next to the competition. We design cosmetic boxes in any shape, size, special finish, and texture from design to delivery Let us know your expectations and we will meet your project goals.

Blue Line Labels delivers our order accurately and on schedule. Our 20 years of art, design, and print experience assures you of product quality excellence and a professional cost-effective relationship.  Please click on our educational links for additional valuable information.


Process below outlines a great experience,
on-time production and a quality retail ready product created.
Step 1 – Account Set-Up & Invoicing
Client emails a list for each product name, weight, glass or plastic, ink color(s) and quantity.
Client emails invoicing address, company name, contact person and phone number.
Client emails shipping address (note if residential), company name, contact person and phone number. (will need to know if receiving address has a fork lift pallet upon shipping)
Blue Line Labels will invoice for 50% deposit and remaining when order is completed and shipped.
Step 2 – Production Steps
Client emails camera ready art files to Blue Line or Blue Line can help design the flow of your text, add icons, bar codes, QR codes for a nominal fee. If you want help, just email your Vector Logo, Ai File, Font, and/or PDF and we will design and prepare your art for a nominal fee.
Containers (Bottles, Jars and Tubes)
Option 1: Client can mail 1 of each container with cap  for Blue Line to provide art size templates needed for screen printing  and secondary boxes. Customer boxes average $100 per box. Choice of sift touch, matte, satin or hi-gloss coating.
Option 2: Wait until containers arrive on pallet arrives.
Blue Line Labels will email you when pallet arrives.
Blue Line Labels will email final print ready artwork for your approval.
Blue Line Labels will email you when your order is complete and ready to ship.
Blue Line Labels will email you tracking numbers once completed.
Step 3 – Shipping Information
Blue Line Labels will prepare your shipping needs
Plastic Containers: Shipping 1-6 boxes of plastic containers are cost effective arriving within 2-4 days FedEx 2 Day or Ground or UPS Ground from Florida to California from a range of $25 to $45 a box.
Glass Bottles and Jars: Small quantity glass jars and bottles need to be doubled boxed for safety and no guarantee if breakage rarely but does occur. Glass is safest when shipped on a pallet. Average pallet cost from  Florida to California is $390. Will be shipped with cardboard dividers for safety. 75% of containers arrive with protective dividers and Blue Line also provides protective boxes.
Blue Line Labels production time is to screen print your jars, bottles, tubes and boxes in 4 weeks or less.
Ship your containers with a note to:
Blue Line Labels
Attn: Company/Person Name: ?
1817 Banks Road
Margate, FL 33063
Cell Number: Add ?
Thank you for your trust and confidence in our ability
from the Blue Line Labels Team!!

Contact Bill Berg at Blue Line Labels, 954.969.9500 with any questions or email information above for a quote to: