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Blue Line Labels is a premier label provider of high-quality personal care labels & custom cosmetic labels for the health & beauty industry. With years of experience supplying high quality cosmetic labels for serums, lotions, creams, balms, oils, moisturizers, foundations and more. Let us show you how we can transform your current label into a beautiful design with a touch of foil on our soft touch label stock. Most foil and soft touch labels will be less than $480 for 1000 and if you need 500 each of 2 different labels that are the same size your cost will be approximately $250 for each set.

We offer a solution for every budget. We will quote several label options so you can decide the price difference of using a crystal clear no label look waterproof film or is a cost effective premium non-waterproof paper with a laminate coating works. There are many ways to achieve the right choice for every budget. We are experts in tapered labels and work closely with your lab so there are no mistakes when they are filling your bottles, jars and tubes.

If quality labels are your goal, we are a full service label company with a creative art department. We can help design and print high quality custom labels and even help apply them to your eye creams, lip balms, lotions, shampoos, essential oils, foundations, or any cosmetic product. We give your containers a professional finish that will help your sales. Our experience with cosmetic labels and personal care labels makes us the perfect choice for all of your custom cosmetic labeling needs.

Based on your design and target audience, labels are fast, beautiful and have many impressive foil and laminate finish options.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting art work.

Consumers are visual, so the impact of your design, container and colors you choose will be the first reaction before they start reading the words. Eye-catching product packaging is an essential part of a highly successful product. Our professional graphics team will help take your ideas and turn them into the look and feel that you want represented for your company brand.


It is important to include information such as net weight, volume, list of ingredients, special precautions (if any), and other necessary information. It is always a good business practice to refer to the cosmetic product regulations for each state or country to ensure that your product includes the required information.

We have 20 years of design, product development and e-commerce experience. We can help guide you in many areas as your business grows or just be the best cosmetic label printer you will ever have.

Circle Labels Help Identify Your Make-Up Colors Quick and Easy

Available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1.2″ Circles
Labels help identify your different products and colors, fast, easy and affordable.
Call for prices 1-800-609-7079


bottle-labelerDo you need help labeling your bottles and jars? We take the headaches out of labeling your containers!

With the high volume of new skincare companies entering the market, brand awareness is essential. Keeping the cost down is a necessity and small quantities are a must.

We can deliver as few as 100 – 10,000 labels already applied to your bottles and jars. If you are working with a lab that does your filling, it is most of the time better to let them machine apply your labels during the filling process.
Call us with any questions at 954.969.9500.



Blue Line Labels works closely with APC Packaging.  Whether you’re labeling your containers or screen printing them, having a quality jar, tube and bottle is a necessity.

APC is a convenient 10 minute drive from Blue Line Labels. APC carries a full line of in-stock, quality cosmetic containers that we can pick up for you. Call Orlando at APC 954-978-4567 for prices on containers.


Decorative Screen Printing – An Upscale Option

Start-up skincare and beauty companies require small quantities. As an option, we provide decorated silk screen printing. We can screen print as little as 100 bottles, jars and tubes. Short-Run Screen Printing Price List

A clean and elegant look, Cosmetic silk screen printing with 1-3 ink colors with an optional foil accent may just what your looking for.

We understand you created your product with a vision. Our goal is to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary at very little additional cost. The details of your packaging grabs the initial attention of consumers at the point of purchase. To meet this demand, we will provide options for our clients packaging with a variety of ink colors, materials, finishes, and hot stamping examples.

We are here to help you select your container and explain the printing pro’s and con’s. This will save you lots of time and money. Blue Line provides 3 very different printing and application methods. Decorative screen printing, peel and stick labels and full body shrink sleeves are the three available options. In the cosmetics business, your final package is your fashion statement to the consumer.


Container, Container, Container is like Location, Location, Location. Our preferred manufacture for price and superior quality is APC Packaging.  High quality airless bottles and jars available in aluminum, acrylic and plastic. APC Packaging is conveniently located 10 minutes from Blue Line Labels in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In-Stock bottles and jars at APC Packaging

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