Medical Marijuana, CBD, Hemp Oil Extract and eLiquids are a fast growing sector for packaging. We can help with all your custom printing needs. 

Looking for one provider that can save you time and money? The cannabis industry is growing and shows no sign of slowing down. Blue Line Labels is a one stop shop for all your Medical Marijuana, CBD & Hemp Oil Extract packaging.

Our services include, direct silk screen printing on your glass tincture bottles, vape pens, and jars. We print professional soft touch and foil  labels that are chemical and water resistant.

Stand out with our stand-up pouches for your gummies, teas, flower and chews.. Our rigid folding boxes will complete your company branding and help you stand out from this growing segment. Our 4 creative artists can help you from start to finish with eye catching designs. We can guide start up businesses and help you scale with the challenges of growing .

Need a company that prints quality labels and applies them?  We can help! Save a step and screen print directly on your 15, 30, 50ml Boston round sub-lingual amber, frosted, black, white or blue glass bottles. We can print labels or silk screen directly on your plastic jars and tubes for your CBD and THC pain creams.

What if your needs are for a full color re-sealable pouch? With the growth of edibles and the increased competition, stand up pouches make economic and marketing sense to many. We will show you the advantages of having multiple bag designs printed at the same time for no additional charge.

Is adding a box needed? Boxes will cost from $0.25 – $1.00 each based on how many you need and how decorative you want to make it. Adding a box is a great investment for extra real estate to print disclosures, ingredients, warnings, bar codes, rules and regulations. We see the increase in reorders from our customers.

Blue Line Labels is a full service CBD and Cannabis printing company with over 25 years of experience. We work with labs, farms, dispensaries, bakeries and private label entrepreneurs who have a need for knowledgable cannabis printing and packaging.

Looking to complete your packaging with a quality printed box affordably. Small Run Box Price List.

An important step in marketing your product is choosing the right container shape, size, color and material. Trying to find the right bottle, jar and tube can be tough. Our list of container companies are listed below. 

Blue Line Labels is located in the Broward County, between Miami and West Palm Beach. Come visit our showroom or call us with and we will visit you.

Stand Up Pouches gives your edibles the next level of professional packaging.

The cost has come down with new technology to produce small quantity runs 1,000 – 5,000 pouches. Available as a standup pouch with a gusset opening on the bottom or a stay flat option.

Are you selling or producing edibles? Let us show you how we can print stand up and flat pouches for less money that will result in a better chance to sell more products. Stand Up Pouch Price List

Blue Line Labels can help you from start to finish. Our graphic art team can design your pouch, print and deliver them in less than 4 weeks after art approval.

Steps to making a great box.
1. We will need a sample of what is going in the box so we can take measurements. We will provide you with a prototype box to make sure it fits properly.

2. We then send over the box die line to your artist so they can design each panel correctly so your artwork fits perfect when the box is converted.

3. We then show you the different types of paper stock to choose from. 16, 18 and 24 point board stock is our 3 standard thickness options.

4. Then you can choose from a gloss finish, a soft touch feel, foil stamping or embossing to add that wow factor.

5. A steel rule box die “shown” is then created. This is a wood and steel panel with razor sharp blades to cut the box and hardened steel with smooth angles to score the flaps.

6. Each box nows gets cut out from the sheets and then goes into a fold and glue press to finalize your perfect box.

When following these steps, your box will come out perfect! It takes up to 3 weeks to complete a box.

We can make all types of boxes for your Tinctures, eLiquids, Capsules and Devices. 

Blue Line Labels designs and prints folding boxes for the cannabis industry.  Adding a box for your tinctures, liquids and pain creams completes the branding of your company and helps  you stand out from the crowd. We can design boxes in any size, add foil stamping, give it a high gloss or a soft touch feel. An eye caching  box completes the perceived value of your CBD and medical marijuana products. Click for Box Pricelist.

Silk Screen Printing gives a no-label look with additional benefits.

Standing Out is what silk screen printing achieves when printed directly on your container. No need to apply labels. Saving time, money and a big convenience. Preferred by its simple, yet elegant look. We can produce as few as 100 printed bottles, jars or tubes. Silk Screen Printing Price List

Screen Printing is a process where we print directly onto your bottles, jars and tubes. This eliminates the cost for your lab to label each one, plus the major hassle of actually labeling them yourself.

Quick Tip: Correctly ordered labels are more expensive than screen printing on quantities of 1000 or less. Most containers are tapered and that requires a special die cut label that will contour your jar, bottle or tube correctly. Labels range from $0.25 – $0.50 each and applying them around $0.12 each. Small Run Screen Printing Price List

Blue Line Labels delivers a professional final product on time. Our 25+ years of design and print experience will assure you of a handsome final product at a cost effective price with on time delivery!

We print really cool labels. We like to show you how adding foil and a layer of protective matte laminate that gives your labels a softer touch with an elegant feel for the same price as what you are probably paying for your regular labels.

We carry a full line of tamper evident products. Our Void & Checkerboard patterns are a quick way for visual tampering. Full body shrink sleeve labels, safety seals and heat seal neck bands are all available.

Blue Line Labels has over 25 years of printing experience and knows how to print economically and correct. We can help with all your CBD, eLiquids, Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Oil Packaging needs.

Give us a call at 1-800-609-7079 to discuss your next cannabis project.

Here is a list of container companies
that could be a good resource for unique
bottles, jars, tubes, caps and pumps.

Companies in RED are local suppliers who we pick up from.
Companies in GREEN are preferred out of state suppliers.

Container and Packaging

e.Bottles – ask for Chris Heck at 561-203-2779

All American Containers – Yesenia Browning at 305-887-0797

Berlin Packaging – ask for Megan Rowley at 253-981-6068

APC Packaging – ask for Orlando Bonnelly at 954-978-4567 ext. 210

McKernan – ask for Nicole Goss at 1-800-787-7587 ext.206

Tara Plastics – ask for Jim Mirtalitov at 866-938-2725


Mold-Rite Plastics

Tin Scape

Cool Jarz

Allstate Can Corp

SKS Bottles