Basic Terms of Cosmetic Packaging

scalisi-box_bottleAttractive packaging adds perceived value when designed properly and has a direct impact on your sales.

Beautiful boxes stand out in a crowd. We can help you with as little as 100 digitally printed boxes or any quantity of your specialized custom rigid box. Full CAD drawings, with proto-types and design capabilities.

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Glossary of Packaging Terms

: The substance used to glue down the die-cut overlap to form a quality box with a rigid feel.

Boxboard: The types of paperboard or corrugated used for folding cartons and rigid set-up boxes.

 A box that is stamped out from a steel rule die that provides accurate design possibilities.

Dimensions: The inside box dimensions that are expressed as length x width x height.

Multiple Layers: Boards glued together to form layered colored designs and a stiff feel of quality.

Panel: When designing your box layout, each panel is a side of the box.

Point or Thickness: Is a term used to describe the paperboard thickness. Each point equals one thousandth of an inch. Typical cosmetic boxes range from 14 -18 point paperboard.

Scoring: Die-cut boxes have scored lines needed to bend the fibers of the board to stop the stock from cracking.

Straight Tuck Box Die: A graphic designer computer generates accurate guide to produce a combination of wood and deep steel framing, sharp, dull and perforated steel edges to cut out the box shape desired.

Straight_Tuck_End_Box_IllustrationBlind Embossing: A design which is stamped which gives a raised look and feel without foil or ink.

Deboss: Similar to hot stamping where your design is slightly pressed into the paper without any foil.

Emboss: Similar to hot stamping where your design is slightly raised on the paper without any foil.

Hot Stamping: A printing method where a thin layer of metal or pigmented foil is applied to a sheet with a heated metal die or plate.

Thumbcuts or Thumbholes: A semi-circular cut made at the sides or ends to help with removal of lid.





Cosmetic Box Printing

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