Design with Varnish for a Fancy Effect



Benefits of Using Varnish 

Varnish is applied as a liquid coating

Matte Varnish gives a glare free finish

Matte or UV Gloss protects inks from Sun Exposure

Matte or UV Gloss Varnish is not waterproof

Matte or UV Gloss Varnish can be printed on with a Thermal Printer

Matte or UV Gloss Varnish can be written on with pen or marker


Understanding High Gloss and Matte Lamination on Your Labels


Laminate is a thin layer of film heat sealed on the label material. It protects the label when applied in outdoor conditions. The high gloss is shiny and has glare. The matte has a no glare look. Matte and gloss protects the ink from being rubbed or scratched off. Matte and gloss adds a waterproof layer of protection.

Laminates are recommended for products that are being packed, shipped and shelved. The added layer also provides waterproofing over the top of your material.

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