Multi-Pack Shrink Sleeves


Combination of multiple products uses shrink sleeve bands to package and promote multiple containers together as one unit to market multiple products. Packaging different size and shape packages together is easier than ever with form-fitting heat shrink bands. Combine two, three even four products of irregular size or shape into one attractive combination offer. After your promotion is done, any combo packs left over can be converted back into individual units with minimal effort – all you have to do is remove the external sleeve!

Correctly sizing your container(s) is a a very precise procedure. Every product container is different so for complete accuracy send samples of your product/container to us.

Blue Line Labels will measure and produce sample shrink bands that will precisely fit your products(s) and and mail you the physical sample for your review.

Send your products to:
Blue Line Labels
1931 Banks Road
Margate, Florida 33063

Specific factors to consider when using heat seal shrink sleeve safety bands.

The “Shrink Factor” is a calculation in shrinkage to make sure that your band after applied is a tight, had a rigid and flexible enough film that needs force to break the evidence only when 20% pressure is applied.

Not all shrink bands work well with closures. Always send samples to us.

  1. We will make sure your band seals tightly and we calculate the correct shrink factor.
  2. Shrink ratios change when applied to glass or plastic. Always send us a sample.
  3. We use quality shrink film and excellent materials.
  4. We provide cost effective stock bands in many sizes and colors.
  5. To assure a perfect fit, always send us a sample for 100% accuracy.

Combo-Pack Shrink Sleeves


Terms you should understand for Shrink Sleeve Bands. Dimensions of shrink bands are calculated in millimeters (25.4 mm = 1 inch)

Cut Length: Measuring the pre-cut band from the top opening to the bottom opening is the length of the shrink sleeve.

Full Body Seal: When the entire container from the top to the bottom including the closure is covered by the shrink sleeve.

Lay Flat: The left to right measurement laying flat. This dimension is equal to ½ of the entire circumference of the band.

Machine Direction: The top to bottom on the open ends direction.

Perforation: A series of small holes formed in the shrink band material and can be vertical or horizontal secure and easy opening.

Pre-Form: A actual pre-shaped that is pre-shapedfor easy fit and faster shrinking time.

Custom Shrink Sleeves: We stock many sizes of non-personalized bands. We carry them in clear, blue, red or clear printed words of “Sealed For Your Protection.” We can also design a colorful band to bring attention and recognition of your product.

Safety Shrink Band: The final usable sleeve designed to be applied to a container and then shrunk by heat a heat gun or tunnel. Once sealed, the bands provides tamper-resistance and tamper-evidence security.

Transverse Direction: The right to left direction of a shrink band.

Shrink Sleeve Label Printing

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