Laser Cut Labels allows your Creativity to Shine!

Veterinary-AnyShape Just as it sounds… a laser light beam shoots down and 100% accurately cuts every nook and cranny on each label to exact measurements in a split second. This allows you to design any shape unique label with NO DIE cost!

A high speed laser beam shoots down and cuts your label into any unique shape. Normally a die would be needed for hundreds of dollars. Our new equipment gives the customer an added benefit that saves money and promotes creativity!

Laser Die Cutting is a new technology that allows unique shapes at no additional charge.

A contour outline is added to the outside of your label design that becomes the laser cut line to produce any shape you desire for your labels.


Creative designers take advantage of eye catching labels that stand out from the rest. As low as 50 labels can be ordered on 15 different label papers and films.


Blue Line Labels delivers your order accurate and on time. Our 20 years of art, design and print experience will assure you that we will deliver an excellent quality product and a professional cost effective relationship.

Contact Blue Line Labels at 1-800-609-7079 for all your custom label needs.


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