Bottle and Jar Companies

Blue Line Labels has put together an easy to find list of bottle, jar and tube distributors. Before you purchase any container it is always best practice to send a sample to Blue Line Labels to make sure there are no issues of ink curing properly when silk screen printing directly on each unit.


10 mL Glass Tinctures Bottles
15 mL Glass Tinctures Bottles
30 mL Glass Tinctures Bottles
60 mL Glass Tinctures Bottles

120 mL Glass Tinctures Bottles

10 mL Glass Jar
15 mL Glass Jar
30 mL Glass Jar
60 mL Glass Jar
120 mL Glass Jar

10 mL Plastic Jar
15 mL Plastic Jar
30 mL Plastic Jar
60 mL Plastic Jar

120 mL Plastic Jar

Black Matte CR Bottle and Jar Companies

Opal White Bottles and Jars

15mL Airless Bottles
30mL Airless Bottles
50mL Airless Bottles

120mL Airless Bottles

HDPE Plastic Bottles

1/4 oz Tubes
1/2 oz Tubes
1 oz Tubes
2 oz Tubes
3 oz Tubes
4 oz Tubes
6 oz Tubes

8 oz Tubes