Shrink Sleeve Label Printing and
Heat Tunnel Application

Shrink Sleeve Labels conforms to the sexy shape of your bottle when applied correctly. Blue Line Label can print and professionally heat shrink your products. The 360 degree branding of your product as well as built in perforated for tamper evident cap sealing, make this unique label that has no adhesive a great alternative for your products.

Digital shrink labels are printed in full color on shrinkable PETG plastic producing high impact graphics. Blue Line Labels can help give your product high impact visibility when sitting on the shelf. If you have a heat or steam tunnel we can provide the printed film individually or on rolls.

Flexible Shrink Sleeve Labels are printed on the inside and laminated together with a gloss layer that is shrinkable in size through the application of heat. Shrink Sleeve labels are one of the fastest growing segments in drink and commercial packaging. These full-body labels provide colorful wrap-around coverage that conforms to unique shapes. Once the film shrinks, it conforms tightly to the shape of the container creating a sleek look and presentation.

Additional benefits of high gloss PETG film is that it allows for the most achievable shrink rate, prints amazing with excellent clarity and is moisture and scuff resistant. Horizontal and vertical perforations in the film adds the perfect security of product tampering when covering the cap that acts as a tamper evident seal.

This is a Video of how Blue Line Labels can apply
your Shrink Sleeve Labels in our Heat Tunnel

Call Blue Line Labels at 954-969-9500 with any questions
about pricing and steps to ordering your Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeves. 
Before we can Quote you for your Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves.
These are the questions that will need to be discovered before we can give you a price.
  1. What size is needed?
  1. Layflat in millimeters (measurement from fold to fold)
  2. Cut Length in millimeters (measurement from opening to opening)
    1. If it is a new project, it is best to send a sample container/lid to measure. I will measure determine the size needed.
    2. If a sample container/lid is not available, I can estimate the size based on the circumference of the widest and narrowest parts of the containers, as well as the height of the area the sleeve will go.  This is not recommended though.  If this the option, please pictures of the container.
  1. What type of shrink is needed?
    1. Full body shrink sleeve / shrink label
    2. Tamper evident neck band
    3. Multi-pack sleeve (shrink 2 or more containers together)
    4. Shrink bag (for trigger sprayers, flip top, pump top, etc)
  1. Will this be printed or unprinted?


  1. If it is printed,
    1. How many colors?
    2. How many SKU’s will there be?
    3. Are there any special finishes?  (Foil, Matte, Metallic inks, Clear Areas)
    4. Can you send the artwork you are trying to produce?
  1. What quantities are needed for each SKU?
  2. How often do you expect to order?
  1. How will the sleeve be applied to the container?
    1. By hand (pre-cut sleeve)
    2. By machine (delivered on rolls)
  1. Is Perforation needed? If so, what type?
    1. Vertical perforation (Full Removal of sleeve)
    2. Horizontal or T-Perforation (Partial removal of sleeve – body to remain on container)
  1. What substrate is needed?
    1. PVC (62% shrink)
    2. PETG (76% shrink)
    3. Unknown
  1. What method will be used to shrink the sleeves?
    1. Shrink Tunnel – Hot Air
    2. Shrink Tunnel – Steam
    3. Hand Application – Heat Gun

Shrink Sleeve Label Printing

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