Know Your Label Adhesive’s


The ABC’s of Label Adhesives

HIGH TAC:  Highly aggressive permanent adhesive formulated to be applied to your label on a hard to stay stuck on surfaces and oil based products due to seeping of the oil into the label.

PERMANENT:  All label orders default to permanent adhesive unless other requirements are needed for the use of the label. Our permanent adhesive has excellent bond strength and cannot be removed without damaging the label. This is the right adhesive choice in most applications.

REMOVABLE:  Allows the label to be taken off once it is applied and repositioned. A very low tac adhesive that best when label is applied to any smooth surface. The label can be removed and reapplied multiple times. Over time, the label may become permanent.

ALL TEMPERATURE:  Designed primarily for Frozen Foods. Adhesive temperature range works between freezing -65 degress F up to 200 degrees F.

Organic Food Label

OPAQUE (BLOCKOUT):  A dark gray color permanent adhesive used to “cover up” incorrect information or block out a mistake with another label.

Cover Up Labels

White & Clear Static Clings


Static Clings Have No Adhesives
Static Cling Materials
Clear or White Static Vinyl are easily applied to most smooth surfaces by Static Electricity


White Block of Ink Added at No Charge


Specify Face Static for Inside Window Placement  or Back Static for Outside Window Placement

Consecutive Numbering are Great for Parking Permits

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