Digital Tube
Printing and Filling

So your ready to start using tubes for your muscle rubs and lotions? Without the proper guidance, tube printing can turn out to be a costly lesson. We can help you all of any of the following:
Supply Tubes • Print Tubes • Fill, Seal, Lot Code, Heat Seal Exp Date, Box and Deliver

CBD Isolate Pain Cream Squeezable Tube
1. If Blue Line Labels is not filling your tube, ask your lab about filling the tube if they have the correct puck (cap) size for automatic filling. This is not important if you have a table top crimping system. Blue Line Labels provides a one stop shop by providing 5 layer tubes, design, print, fill, crimp, hot stamp in crimp area or ink jet expiration and lot code. We pack properly in master carton for retail ready sales.
Call Bill Berg at 954-969-9500 for more information.

2. Do you need an i-mark added and where is the exact placement the i-mark should be added. This is not important if you have a table top crimping system.

3. After tube gets crimped, can your crimping unit emboss your lot with an expiration number? How much trim will be taken off the top and side. This is very important when Printing a Box for your Tinctures. If you are placing your tube into a box, make sure you know how much plastic will be expanded out the sides after crimping and trimming. This will insure that your tube fits your box correctly.

4. Blue Line Labels can help you avoid the costly amateur mistakes by advising you before you have any issues. We carry a full line of multiply white tubes with a foil tamper evident safety seal in 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 oz.

Cosmetic Tube Printing

Tube Filling and Printing Solution
for your Private Label Retail
Ready Lotions and Creams

Customer Supplies Blue Line Labels the 55 Gallon Drum of Cream or Lotion Formula.
Blue Line Labels will deliver Master Packed and Retail Ready Decorated Squeezable Tubes ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.
Tube Crimping and SealingTurn-Key Price Includes
5 layer white plastic tube with aluminum removable tamper evident safety seal.  Quality flip top cap, with your choice of silk screen printing 1 or 2  colors or full color digital printing.
Filling your tubes following Blue Line Labels Stand Operating Procedures (SOP) following our GMP guidelines,
Each tube is crimped with lot code and master pack for final shipment on a pallet.
A no hassle retail ready product to sell in 4-6 weeks after final artwork approval.

Tube Filling and Printing

Quantities are based on customer supplying
one 55 gallon drum of Cream or Lotion.

1 oz tubes = 7000 Units – Cost $2.55 per unit
Boxed 162 units (44  Master Cartons)
2 oz tubes = 3500 Units – $2.75 per unit
Boxed 81 units (44 Master Cartons)
3 oz tubes = 2333 Units – $2.95 per unit
Boxed 81 units (29 Master Cartons)
4 oz tubes= 1740 Units – $3.15 per unit
Boxed 81 units (22 Cartons)

Samples must be sent in advance to
match & confirm final batch consistency

Call  954-969-9500
For Pricing on 6 and 8 oz tubes

 Tube Print and Filling – One Stop Shop

Customer supplies the 55 Gallon of Cream/Lotion/Formula.
IMPORTANT: Blue Line Labels only fills topical creams and lotions.
Call Bill Berg 561-901-1898 directly if you have additional questions.
We do not do any blending, fill food products or oral products.
This must be filled by a company that is FDA and/or OTC Certified.


Blue Line Labels makes it easy for you by handling one of the most time consuming and important parts of your CBD business. Decorating your primary packaging.We take the stress out of working with multiple printers and graphic designers because we print full color box printing for your Tubes

Digital Printing on Glass Bottles – Ask our printing full color on your 15 and 30mL tincture glass bottles.

Price List for Full Color Digital Printing with
Tubes Included & Your Choice of 1/4, 1 & 2 oz Tubes

Price includes tubes and printing

200-399 tubes
$2.50 each
400-499 tubes
$2.25 each
500-749 tubes
$2.00 each
750-999 tubes
$1.75 each
1000 tubes
$1.50 each

Plus a one time $95 set up charge to digitize art files (convert pictures and text) into a digital format for crisp and clean results.
Call about prices on Quantities over 1000, 3oz – 8oz Tubes, Airless Bottles, Glass Tincture Bottles and Jars and Squeezable Tube Filling.

Tube Printing Artwork with Eye Mark
Tube Printing Artwork with Eye Mark

Downloadable Templates
for easy Art Work Tube Design

More Coming Soon…

PDF1 oz Tube Template

PDF1/4 oz Tube Template

PDF1/2 oz Tube Template

5 layer tube construction - what it is made out of

Construction of your Collapsible Plastic 5 Layer Tubes

Layers are formed by:

  • 1. White PE Material
  • 2. Adhesive
  • 3. EVOH ( increases the barrier properties of the tube structure )
  • 4. Adhesive
  • 5. White PE Material

The addition of the EVOH layers increases the barrier properties of the tube, which allows you to have a soft LDPE tube with high barrier properties or a very high barrier HDPE tube. EVOH is extensively used to improve the shelf life of topical products. The interior of each tube offers a high resistance for your creams and lotions.

Squeeze Tube Facts

Capacity: 2oz | Size: 35mm x 107mm | Material: 5 Layer | Color: White | Orifice: 3mm | Foil Safety Seal: Yes | Cap: White Flip Top
Capacity: 4oz | Size: 40mm x 140mm | Material: 5 Layer | Color: White |
Orifice: 3mm | Foil Safety Seal: Yes | Cap: White Flip Top
Capacity: 6oz | Size: 50mm x 149mm | Material: 5 Layer | Color: White |
Orifice: 5mm | Foil Safety Seal: Yes | Cap: White Flip Top
Digital Printed Tubes in Full Color
Blue Line Labels at 1-800-609-7079
Your one stop place that can
Supply Tube • Print Tube • Fill Tube
Click this link to learn about our Tube Filling Services

Thinking about giving samples away? Our sample tubes hold enough pain cream for multiple uses instead of 1 time use of foil packs or sachets.

Sample Tubes of your CBD products is a smart way to sample your products. Our 1/4 oz tube is a great way and cost effective to promote your pain cream and skin care line of products.

Blue Line Labels can supply the tubes and print 1 color for as little as $0.59-$0.79 per tube. This includes a 1/4 oz tube with a safety seal and 1 color printing. Call for additional information or if you have any questions.

Understanding Squeezable Tubes
Understanding Squeezable Tubes
IMPORTANT TIP: Blue Line Labels recommends the use of an Eye Mark to properly crimp and seal each tube making sure your artwork is centered. Also take into consideration the trim amount that will be cut from the top of each tube. Always check with your lab who is filling and crimping your tubes to make sure artwork is correctly positioned. Call Blue Line Labels for assistance to double check that your barcodes scan, eye mark is positioned correctly and your artwork will not interfere with crimping.
cosmetic box printing
cosmetic boxes for tubes

Adding a box for your tube creates marketing opportunities. Point of Purchase 12 pack boxes makes it easy to sell your products.
Learn more about Boxes.
Contact Bill Berg at Blue Line Labels, 1-800-609-7079 with any questions.

Digital Tube Printing

Full Color Printing
4 Color Process

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