Tube Filling, Sealing and Crimping

Tube filling small to large batches is exactly what Blue Line Labels can help you with.
We are a one-stop tube source for your growing needs.
Tube Filling Price List
Easy Steps to help you with your start up business or scaling to the big box retailers.
1. Receive your bulk product and logged data into Blue Line Labels Standard Operation Procedure.
2. Fill date will be scheduled within 7 business days as long as all tubes have been printed.
3. Verify Batch/Lot Number and Expiration Date
4. Follow Clean Room SOP and fill, heat seal and add lot/exp dates in crimp area.
5. Excess lotion if any can be filled into 2-5mL sachets. Price List for Sachets
Blue Line Labels can help you from start to finish. Call us for the price to digitally print your tubes in full color or screen print with 1-2 colors.

Tube Filling Printer

Make is really easy and cost effective!
Purchase your creams and lotions in bulk from your formulator and we can fill and crimp
with a professional seal as well as heat seal your lot number and expiration date.

Filled Crimped Tubes


Blue Line Labels is starting the process to learn the standards to fill tubes to become a
GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices provider and currently follow strict Stand Operating Procedures.


Tube Seal Fill with Lot and Expiration Number


We supply the tube, print your tube with your choice of
direct screen printing in 1 color or 2 or full color digital tube printing.

Tube Sizes Available for Printing

Blue Line Labels can help you with all your packaging and co-packaging needs.

We work with 200+ hemp companies and have helped scale fast growing companies with larger quantities quickly.
Email or call with any questions.

For more information to get started, call
Bill Berg at Blue Line Labels • 561-901-1898.





Tube Filling Sealing & Crimping

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