CBD Credit Card Processors

Credit card processing and merchant services are still a road block for many companies.
CBD and CBG companies keep moving around as credit card processors drive the industry crazy.

The industry went from accepting high rates from credit card processors in Europe until Elavon opened the flood gates in early 2019 and made it easy to be accepted. As fast as they jumped into processing CBD products they pulled the rug out from 8000+ CBD eCommerce retail accounts.

A couple of new credit card processors are jumping into the merchant services in 2019 and early 2020 accepting CBD topical products. CBD companies are getting the opportunity again to be visible on the web as a eCommerce retailer.

As popular as CBD is and growing rapidly, Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay and many other important corporations are still not letting CBD entrepreneurs spend advertising dollars. Everyday changes are happing in the industry. Below is a list of credit card processing banks that have positive feedback from CBD customers.

Here is a list of credit card processors
that process in the United States.

CBD Credit Card Processing BankMerchant Credit Card Processing for
Retail and Online
CBD/Hemp Products

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