Long Run Silk Screen Printing on Bottles, Jars and Tubes

Is your company past the early growth years and looking to save on your packaging costs? 

Low Quantity Price Guide for Straight Tuck Boxes
for a variety of 15 ml – 120 ml size Bottles and Jars
Lip Gloss, Eye Liners, Mascara & Compacts

Printed 1, 2, 3, or 4 Color Process on Quality 16 Point Coated Card Stock

50 Boxes from $295
100 Boxes from $495
250 Boxes from $695 or $2.78 each
500 Boxes from $995 or $1.99 each
1,000 Boxes from $1,295 or $1.29 each
2,000 Boxes from $1,595 or $0.79 each
5,000 Boxes from $1,995 or $0.39 each
10,000 Boxes from $2895 or $0.29 each

CREATIVE TIPS: Print all your boxes at the same time and save a bundle!

EXAMPLE 1: Print 2 different Box designs of 500 each for $1,295
EXAMPLE 2: Print 4 different Box designs of 250 each for $1,395
EXAMPLE 3: Print 4 different Box designs of 500 each for $1,695
Prices are based on camera ready artwork and stock die.

We have most box cutting dies in stock. If we do not have your size in stock,
A typical tooling charge of $125-$285 for a straight or reverse tuck box die may be required.
Each box design is very personal and we have many low cost printing techniques that will help your product get noticed.
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johns-byrne-boxHigh-end cosmetic packaging
need not be expensive.

Blue Line Labels is happy to be working with JohnsByrne. A premier packaging company.

You may be using a good box company now, but allow us to give you creative options for a great packaging presentation. Examples of Boxes.

When you desire a one-of-a-kind custom box presentation, Blue Line Labels can help you with any box samples from JohnsByrnes or call the owners Reid or Pate Gustafson at (847) 583-3100. Click to learn more about the History of JohnsByrne and understand why we are proud to work with this proven 50+ year old company with over 125,000 square feet of manufacturing.



Custom printed cosmetic boxes for your creams, lotions, scrubs and foamers help complete your product branding. We can design cosmetic boxes in any shape, size, special finish and achieve your objective.

Our in-house premium stock is 16pt but we can provide you with 14 – 24 point board stocks. Add special features such as gloss or matte laminate, hot foil stamping and spot UV top coatings for an eye catching design. A decorative cosmetic box completes the perceived value of your creams and serums.

Call Bill at Blue Line Labels at 1-800-609-7079 for all your packaging needs.

Straight Tuck End Box Design


A straight tuck box is designed to have both top and bottom closing flaps hinged on the same side of the box.

This box style gives a clean and appealing appearance to your inserted product because both flaps are positioned in the back of the box.

Assembles quickly and has finished edges on the front, which improves the overall look of the box in comparison to reverse tuck box design. Both types of boxes are glued the same during manufacturing.


Reverse Tuck End Box Design

Reverse_Tuck_End_Box_IllustrationA reverse tuck box is glued together on one side and designed with top and bottom closing flaps placed on opposite ends of the box.

Both straight and reverse tuck box styles allow your product to be inserted from the top or bottom and quickly assemble.

When product is standing, one flap opening will be present in the front. Reverse tuck end boxes are able to be stocked closer together due to its design. Since flaps open on opposite ends, we like to put the opening flap at the bottom of the box.


Reverse Tuck End Cosmetic Box
A typical tooling diagram showing die lines as well as layout for print position.

Blue Line Labels delivers your order accurately and on time. Our 20 years of art, design and print experience will assure you of an excellent quality product and a professional cost effective relationship. We can help from concept to completion or anywhere in between.

Your printer becomes a critical part of your business. Your cosmetic boxes and packaging represents your company image and shelf appeal. Just like any business partnership, do your research and you will realize that we give you the extra time to ensure you a perfect final product.



Before your ready for a box, marketing your product starts by choosing the right container shape, size, color. Our preferred packaging company for visually appealing containers, quality and value is APC Packaging. Learn more about how we can print you bottles and jars with perfect short run quality. Click to learn more about Silk Screen Bottle Printing.

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